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About Latin Sol

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founded in 2017 as a part of ASU School of Film, Dance, and Theatre's Sol Motion project, Latin Sol is a three-day festival which has evolved and grown every year. It encourages exposure to learning by bringing in well-known, out of state artists, providing varied teaching perspectives, and encouraging crossover interactions between multiple dance communities and cultures.

​Hosted by the ASU Salsa Club, Latin Sol was created by students and alumni, for students and alumni. Although designed primarily with the ASU community in mind, Latin Sol also welcomes and cherishes participation by all members of the dance community and the general public. The three-day weekend bridges these communities and encourages a unification of all dance lovers.

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Our Story

"Latin Sol was conceived with the idea that the dance festival would be curated by the students for the students. I was hoping students and salsa practitioners would have an opportunity to exchange in a way that was intimate, social, and have a meaningful impact beyond the dance. The nature of curating the learning space from the students perspective would provide a learning environment that focused on values that centered around the social, cultural and political representations of Afro-Latin Salsa. 

Initially, the dream was to grow the Afro-Latin salsa experience on campus.

We started small with a one day event, hosting two guest artists, providing free admission for dance workshops, panel (lecture) series on salsa history and entrepreneurship, performance showcase, and dance social where students could be informed and celebrate the various representations of salsa. From there, the festival has grown into a full weekend festival, hosting various Afro-Latin guest artists from NYC to LA, it has created student leadership opportunities, and continues to embody the Latin Sol spirit of facilitating inclusive learning environments, fostering curiosity and critically engaging as learners by honoring, embracing, and celebrating Afro-Latin culture at ASU."

-David Olarte | Latin Sol Faculty Sponsor & Founder

2024 Latin Sol Committee

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